Daniele Barone is a young singer and songwriter from Alassio (SV), Italy.

He started his journey through music as a drummer/singer but, after forming his first band, he decided to play the role of singer and songwriter only. 
Nowadays his favourite music genre is heavy metal but, over the years, he has learnt to sing both rock/pop and classical music, he also approached and deepened extreme singing techniques such as growl.
Daniele had the chance to perform live several times, both as a solo singer and as the singer of his former band "
Blackloud". He has always considered music as "something for groups".
Despite his vision about music as a collective experience, in 
2018, he recorded his first EP "About Love" as a solo singer, once he set aside, by mutual agreement, the projects with his former band.
About Love" is a Pop/Rock and '90 Rock style record containing four original tracks and one cover, Every breath you take by "The Police".
main themes of the EP are, obviously, love and loving experiences.
Every track is about 
feelings and romances Daniele has lived in his adolescence, for this reason, the lyrics of each song are fundamental to get the meaning of his music.
2019 he was contacted by "Like Hell", a heavy metal band, to play the role of singer and songwriter, in order to work on their debut EP.

On 13th September 2019 "About Love" is out on Spotify and other digital stores.



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